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          進口鋸床|全自動立式鋸床|角度鋸床|邁普機械(蘇州)有限公司中文版 進口鋸床|全自動立式鋸床|角度鋸床|邁普機械(蘇州)有限公司英文版
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          SHARK 420 CNCHS
          產品名稱: SHARK 420 CNCHS
          關鍵詞: SHARK 420 CNCHS
          Shark 420CNC HS是一款全自動數字控制的雙立柱帶鋸床,適合0°切割,特別針對超硬的合金材料,不銹鋼和實心體的材料,最大切割范圍為420×420 mm
          這款設備也可以半自動工作,電路系統采用最新型的RISC 32 bit 200 MHz 控制系統?梢栽谠O備上安裝GSM卡(選裝件),當設備不能夠正常工作時,能夠自動發送短信到編程好的號碼上提醒緊急狀態的原因。并且可以實現遠程操控。
          • 鋸弓的上下限位可以根據鋸切材料的大小通過控制鍵盤調整
          • 機器可以儲存300組不同長度和數量的程序。
          • 機身整體鑄件可以吸收震動保證鋸切的平穩和更長的刀具壽命。
          • 鋸弓沿著線性導軌和絲杠上下,受伺服馬達控制,并且液壓補償鋸弓頭
          • 液壓工作站給送料和卡鉗夾緊提供動力
          • 鋸條的轉速受變頻器控制,連續可調
          • 滾珠絲杠和步進馬達一起協助送料,單次最多可送600 mm,可以連續多次送料
          • 全自動模式下,最短余料長度為120mm,可以選裝特殊卡鉗減少余料長度到25mm
          • 送料卡鉗可以在材料不是很直的情況下,自動尋找中心線
          • 軟件可以自動控制/評價/糾正:鋸切力,鋸切扭力,鋸條漲緊力
          • 可調整的硬質合金導向頭,以及冷卻液裝置(可選油冷)
          • 更換鋸條時,可以方便的從鍵盤上調整鋸條的漲緊力
          • 前導向臂可以根據不同切割直徑的材料自動調整位置
          • 激光指示燈可以投影在材料表面,可以容易的找到需要切割的位置
          • 鋸條受力超過接受能力時,機器可能停機以保護鋸條
          • 電子伺服系統可以保證鋸條上的漲緊力始終保持一致
          • 聲音和閃光會提醒鋸床停止工作,
          • 服務鑰匙和指導手冊以及零部件清單
          MEP SPA introduces the NEW Shark 420 CNC HS, automatic double-column bandsaw for 0° cuts on structural, stainless and alloy steels,profiles and solid parts, with dimensions up to 420×420 mm.
          This sawing machine also features a semiautomatic cutting cycle and uses latest generation technologies; indeed, Shark 420 CNC HS is equipped with a NEW controller with processor RISC 32 bit 200 MHz with integrated interface to:
          • install a GSM card (OPTIONAL) to send an SMS to the programmed number notifying the type of emergency occurred while the machine was operating unattended.
          • Connect to an Ethernet network for the remote assistance service.
          • Get software updates and changes by e-mail, to be transferred on SD or MMC card and later on the control memory, through the suitable slot on the control console.
          • Choose in the library (that can be extended by the user) the material type, geometry and hardness, the type of band to be used and the control automatically sets the feed rate and the band rotation speed.
          • The limits of the head stroke are programmed through the console, depending on the dimensions of the bars to be cut.
          • CNC machine to store up to 300 cutting programs each with different quantity and length.
          • Structure in sturdy cast iron, to absorb vibrations and give the machine a better cutting stability and longer blade life.
          • Saw frame movement with a brushless motor and with recirculating ballscrews-nut, with hydraulic compensation of the cutting head.
          • The head movement by means the linear guides with ball-recirculating pre-charged slides.
          • Hydraulic power pack to supply the feeding and cutting vices.
          • Infinitely adjustable cutting speed from 15 to 115 m/min by vector inverter.
          • Bar feeder with recirculating balls screw/nut and stepper motor,(feeding length in one stroke 600 mm, that can be repeated in order to cut any length)
          • Minimum bar remnant of 120 mm in automatic operation. (OPTIONAL feeder jaws to reduce the remnant to min. 25mm)
          • Self-aligning feeder vice unit for feeding even strained bars.
          • Driving and idler pulley locked by conical clamping ring to ensure a strong fastening .
          • Software to control/assess/correct in real time: – cutting force – cutting torque and band tensioning against the programmed values.
          • Low voltage control panel installed on a rotating arm to reach the positions to operate safely stillkeeping the visual control.
          • Soft thermo-shaped keyboard in polyester, with SMD miniaturized mechanical buttons integrated in the card, with sound signal when operating, 5.7″ colour display with self-diagnostics messages.
          • Adjustable blade-guide heads in steel, with roller and carbide pads, coolant taps for the traditional lubrication and preset to install the mist lubrication (OPTIONAL).
          • Idler pulley movement from the keyboard to replace the band easily.
          • Automatic adjustment of the front blade-guide head according to the dimensions of the bars to be cut.
          • Laser projector to position the bar accurately to carry out non-standard or facing cuts.
          • Band rotation control with stop in real time in case of locked tool.
          • Electro-mechanical servo-system for the blade dynamic tensioning.
          • Coolant tank incorporated in the base.
          • Two coolant pumps to ensure high cutting liquid quantities (120 l/min) to cool down the band and wash up chips from the working area, so as to guarantee a longer blade life.
          • Wash gun to clean the working area.
          • Blade brush.
          • Sound and flashing indicator for machine shut-downs.
          • Machine preset for being handled also with lift truck.
          • Bimetallic band for profiles and solid pieces.
          • Service keys and instructions manual, for maintenance and spare parts list.
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